:: Equipment for Engineering Education & Research ::
  Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
Exchangers, thermal conduction units, refrigeration units, air conditional units, etc. Units can be used for the study of heat transfer, energy balance, etc.
  Process Control
Basic equipments as well as pilot plant units equipped with electronic instrumentations and process control system (PCS). Units can be used for the study of industrial instrumentations and process control.
  Fluid Mechanics
Equipments such as hydraulic/ hydrostatic apparatus, flow and friction apparatus , pump test apparatus,etc. Units can be used for the study of fluid mechanics
  Environmental Engineering
Equipments such as cyclone, scrubber, spray chamber, bag filter for the study of air pollution control and ion exchange, aeration, corrosion studies for water treatment and control .
  Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering Pilot Plants
Pilot plant equipments such as distillation columns, extractors, evaporators, absorbers, mixer settlers, etc. Units can be used for the study of mass and heat transfer, etc.
  Basic Process & Reaction Engineering
Various types of reactors and fermenters for the study of reactions and biochemical processes. Food engineering processes such as physical refining fractionation, hydrogenation, deodorizer, neutralizer, margarine production.
  Building Services
Basic equipments for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), building services such as fire protection, lifts, building automation and security systems, card access, CCTV, etc.
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